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It is no secret that I am pretty addicted to chap stick.  Its on the list of things I can not leave the house without!  In my quest to be frugal, I usually end up picking out a cheapo lip product and then end up regretting it later when I feel like I have to apply every fifteen minutes.  Instead of doing its job and moisturizing it actually feels like its sucking the moisture out of my lips.  Not good and not okay.  Or you find a great one that just so happens to have twenty or so ingredients that you can't pronounce!  Also, not okay! I am a believer of knowing about everything you put in your body as well as everything your putting on your body.  I, personally, would rather not slather my face with chemicals.
Today I am sharing a simple recipe that anyone can make.  The best part is I only use it once, maybe twice a day!  It last that long!
::Natural Lip Gloss::
2 oz. natural bees wax
2 oz. organic coconut oil
8-10 drops of essential oil (your choice, I used peppermint)

To Make ///  shred bees wax or at least cut into smaller pieces.  Place all ingredients in double boiler.  (Note: bees wax is hard to get off your pots, so I suggest having a designated pot OR do as I did and place a recycled glass jar in a pan of water.  Make sure you place the jar in the water while it is cold, if you put a cold jar in hot water you risk cracking it.)  On low/medium head, warm up the water.  Stir with something wooden or a non reactive medal, I used a disposable shish kabob stick.  Stir occasionally till fully combined and melted.  Pour in clean container.  You can use actual chap stick tubes or small containers, I fell in love with this little glass jar, so I used that.  If you find you want a bit more in your mixture, you can always add vitamin E or aloe gel, just a bit though or it wont set well.
Go forth and have happy lips!


  1. hmmm....i also am addicted to lip gloss. i love it when it actually moisturizes my lips. not just coats it with glossy stuff.

    burt's bees little tin of peppermint stuff usually does the trick fantastically. [although kissing totally takes it off...:P]

    i shall have to try out your recipe someday!! :)

    1. kissing has a tendency to make things come off..................

    2. yeah.....i figured as much.
      :P lol...

  2. oh my, thank you for this amazing recipe, I am a lip balm ADDICT and a all natural organic addict too, so THANK YOU, I'm gonna give it a try!!! yay!

  3. Fantastically simple and natural. Being a person with so many allergies, it is great to find recipes that I can actually use!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog as well:)

    1. Thank you for stopping by! My husband has crazy allergies, so even though I don't have to deal with them myself, we still live (mostly) like we all have them to make his life easier. So I know first hand how difficult that can be sometimes!


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